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Some years back, one of my patients suffered a brain stroke. He was admitted to the hospital and was treated. Unfortunately he remained bed ridden and had no control on urine and stool.  After the patient discharged to home, he needed critical care like urine catheter, feeding tube, daily sponging, protection of bedsores, etc. This all was not possible at home. I visited many old age homes but most of them refused to admit such patient. Few were ready but their charges were exorbitant. All this disturbed me and made me sleepless. For the time being, I arranged for this patient in my clinic. I admitted him and took all the possible care.

Gradually people knowing me gathered and started helping me. We together admitted many patients with various aliments like Cancer, Paralysis, Alzimar, Dementia, Parkinson, Bedsores, Kidney Failure, Fracture, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, senial, C.O.P.D. [Asthma] Hyper Tension etc.

Old age and particularly diseased old age is a big problem in today’s fast world. In all such kind of disability, facilities of hospitals like Doctors, Sisters, House Keepers [Mavashies], must required which is not possible and challenged for a society.  That is why we appeal this challenge and serve to a society for the same.     

I am trying my best to give my share. Moreover, the greatest hope I see in the eyes of these old peoples, which keep me trying for them.

Dr. Shirish Gujarathi


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1. For Patients Relatives are not nessessary to stay with Patients. Ambulance Facility, Travelling Facility and any Other needfulls will be taken care.

2. Hospital is registered & you can get benifit of mediclaim.

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