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Radha Medical Trust specially works for underprivileged senior Citizens who cannot afford costly medical treatments, stay at hospital, daily medicines, quality nutritious food, etc. In our society there are many senior citizens who are not capable of doing their own activities by themselves, they are bedridden due to some or other following diseases mentioned below :

1. Cancer

2. Alzimar

3. Paralysis

4. Fracture

5. Kidney Failure

6. Bed Sores

7. Mentally Retarded

8. Heart Failure

9. Hypertension

10. Cachexia

11. Parkinsonism

12. ILD& so on.

Radha Medical Trust is specially formed to treat and take care of all senior citizens who are Physically, Mentally, Socially, and economically helpless. 
We admit patients from all over India. 
Our Trust is putting all our efforts to help them out from all such crises. From December 2004 Radha Medical Trust continuously works for the same object.


1. For Patients Relatives are not nessessary to stay with Patients. Ambulance Facility, Travelling Facility and any Other needfulls will be taken care.

2. Hospital is registered & you can get benifit of mediclaim.

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