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Doctors Panel attached with trust

• Dr. Ravindrs Joshi MBBS. MD.

• Dr. Vasudha Sardesai MBBS. MD. 

• Dr. Sanjay Date MBBS, Ms General Surgeon 

• Dr. Sachin Jamdar MBBS MS Ortho [Orthpedic Surgeon] 

• Dr. Mr. Sardesai MBBS, Dermatologist 

• Dr. Prachi Date Dentist 

• Dr. Sanjay Tekawade MBBS DoB Opthomic Surgeon 

• Dr. Gokhale MBBS, ENT Surgeon 

• Dr. Mahesh Akhegaonkar MBBS Psychiatrist 

• Dr. Rawal Psychiatrist 

• Dr. Madhusudan Asava [DNB Cardic] Cardiologist 

• Dr. Hemant Sant [DNB Neuro] Neuro Physion 

• Dr. Sambhus Onchologist [Cancer Specialist] 

• Dr. Mahesh Rokade Nephrologist [Kidney Specialist]

• Dr. Manoj Bhurat [DNB Chest] Chest Physician 

• Dr. Milind Dugad [Gynaec & Obestratian] 

• Dr. Mrs. Ashtaputre MBBS 

• Dr. Mrs. Kasbekar [Ayurvedic Physician] 

• Dr. Shweta Gandhi [Ayurvedic Physician] 

• Dr. Mahesh Advalkar [Naturapathic Physician] 

• Dr. Vishal Pardeshi [Physiotherapyst] 

• Dr. Ruhi Chauhan [Physiotherapyst] 

• Dr. Mr. Kulkarni [Physiotherapyst] 

• Dr. Sandeep Chavare [Homeopathic Physician] 

• Dr. Jyoti Nikam [Homeopathic Physician] 

• Dr. Vinod Shaha [Gastro Enterologist] 

• Dr. Shailaja Kale [Dibetologist] 

• Dr. Mrs. Kulkarni [Dibetologist] 

• Dr. Dilip Ranade [Radiologist] 

• Dr. Joshi [Diatiation] 

• Dr. Shirisha Mohan [MD. Pathologist]


1. For Patients Relatives are not nessessary to stay with Patients. Ambulance Facility, Travelling Facility and any Other needfulls will be taken care.

2. Hospital is registered & you can get benifit of mediclaim.

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