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(1) Telephone in the room (2) Mosquito Net (3) Fowler Bed (4) LCD TV (5) 24 hrs. Hot Water (6) Safety Equipments in Toilet. (Safely Handle) (7) Library
Indoor Games (9) Wifi (10) Special Attendance (11) Free Annual Checkup (12) Blood Checkup (13) Medical Store (14) Medical Tourisum

Medical Treatment (Detailed information needed on what exactly are the medical facilities offered)

Peritoneal dialysis, Semi ICU-NIV (Non invasive ventilator), Multi Para Monitor, Tracheostomy, Centerline Monitor, Venesection, Minor O.T, Ascitic Tapping, E.C.G, Xray, Pleural Tapping, Orthopedic (Intra-articular injection), Syringe Pump, Surgical Prociser, Accitic Taping, Plural taping, Debradment, Orthopedic - Intra articular injections, close reduction & Plaster.

Routine nursing, Bladder Wash, Cathetor, Venee section, R/T, Bedsore Dressing, Catheter, Bladder wash, Manual evacuation, Suction, Tracheostomy care, Nebulation, Physiotherapy, Bypap.

[A] Pathology Lab

[B] Sick Aid Instruments Centre

[C] Physiotherapy Center

[D] Ambulance


[F] X-Ray

[G] Ayurvedic and Naturapathy

[H] Diagnostic Center

[I] Medical Store

All above activities under Supervison of Specialist and Super Specialist like, Physician, Genral Surjan, Orthopedic, Physiatrist, Physiotherapist, Dietitian, Counselor, Diabetologist, Cardiologist, Oncologist, Spine Surgeon, Neurophygisian, Urologist, Gynecologist, ENT Specialist, Skin Specialist etc..


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1. For Patients Relatives are not nessessary to stay with Patients. Ambulance Facility, Travelling Facility and any Other needfulls will be taken care.

2. Hospital is registered & you can get benifit of mediclaim.

Medical Tourism

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